INT 05H: Print Screen / Bounds Exception

▌Software Interrupt▐█ 
  INT 05H, to the dismay of Intel (which considers this a CPU-reserved
  interrupt), is used in the PC to execute the screen-to-printer dump
  routine in ROM BIOS.

  It is called directly by the keyboard interrupt INT 09H when it senses the
  press of the PrtSc (or PrintScreen) key.  It may also be invoked by
  software, and you can intercept this interrupt if you want to write a
  custom screen-dump routine.

  The EGA BIOS has a function to replace the normal Print-Screen with one
  that works for a variety of screen character layouts.  See INT 10H 12H.

  The DOS Graphics command replaces this routine with one that will print
  screen graphics (dot patterns) on a few types of printer.

█▌CPU Exception Interrupt▐█
  286+ computers execute INT 05H when the BOUND opcode is executed and the
  parameters are found to be out of range.

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