INT 08H: Timer Interrupt

 This hardware-generated interrupt (IRQ 0) is executed upon each tick of
 the PC's real-time clock.  The clock ticks every 55ms, or about 18.2 ticks
 per second.

 The ROM-BIOS (default) code for this interrupt updates the clock values at
 0:046c.  It also turns off the diskette drive motors after about 2 seconds
 without read/write activity.  See BIOS Data Area for other variables.

 If you want to use this interrupt for custom timer-keyed activities (as
 with a TSR program) you must be sure to include the code that tells the
 system when the interrupt is finished.  The magic sequence is:

          mov     al,20H     ;send End-Of-Interrupt signal
          out     20H,al     ; to the 8259 Interrupt Controller

 Most TSRs let the default code do this.  For instance, when the TSR is
 installed, the original vector is saved in a variable named cs:[old_int8].
 Then the following code is executed on each INT 08H:

         pushf                            ;simulate an INT
         call  dword ptr cs:[old_int8]    ;perform normal timer actions
         cmp   cs:my_var,test_value       ;now do customized stuff
     ... etc. ...
         iret    ;return to interrupted foreground application program

█▌CPU Exception Interrupt▐█
  286+ computer execute INT 08H when encountering a Double Exception Error
  (an exception while processing an exception).

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