FCB File I/O Functions

 These ◄superseded► functions operate on the DOS default directory only.
 In most cases, it is wise to use the Handle-Oriented File I/O functions.

 16H create file                   29H parse text into FCB-type filename
 0fH open file                     11H  12H search current directory via FCB
 10H close file                             (may be used in CVF spelunking)
 13H delete file

 14H read sequential file
 15H write sequential file

 21H read record from random access file
 27H read multiple records from random access file

 24H set random record block field size
 22H write record to random access file
 28H write multiple-records to random access file (also change file size)

 FCB: File Control Block   Handle-Oriented File I/O        Function Groups