INT 0eH: Diskette Interrupt / Page Fault

  INT 0eH is a hardware-generated interrupt (IRQ 6) forced by the floppy
  disk controller.

  The ROM-BIOS code sets bit 7 in the BIOS "seek_status" variable (0040:3e)
  which indicates that a diskette seek is in progress.  This flag is used by
  INT 13H to determine if a diskette controller recalibration is required
  before the next action.

█▌CPU Exception Interrupt▐█
  286+ computer execute INT 0eH when the CPU is in protected mode and it
  detects access to a page or memory which has been swapped out to disk.

  Protected-mode operating systems watch for this and read the data back
  into memory and handle the needs of virtual memory management.

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