INT 10H 09H: Write Character/Attribute to Cursor Location

                                                          Compatibility: All 
 Expects: AH    09H
          AL    character to write (see ASCII Table)
                Note: Graphics chars > 127 are defined in INT 1fH table.
          BH    video page number (0-based)
          BL    text modes:     video attribute for character
                graphics modes: color number
          CX    repeat count
 Returns: (none)
    Info: This writes a character and attribute to the current cursor

          This is too slow for most apps.  See Video Memory Layouts.

       CX To write just one character, set CX=1.

          You may use the fn to write a series of the same character--for
          instance, to fill an entire screen line with blanks--by setting
          CX to a repeat count.

   Notes: This does not update the cursor position.  Use INT 10H 0eH to
          write a character and advance the cursor.

          Use INT 10H 0aH to write a character without modifying the video
          attributes of the affected screen positions.

See Also: INT 10H: Video Services