INT 10H 0bH: Select Graphics Palette or Text Border Color

                                                          Compatibility: All 
 Expects: AH    0bH
          BL    text modes: select overscan (border) color
                            00H-0fH low-intensity colors
                            10H-1fH high-intensity colors
                graphics:   select palette combination
                            0 = green/red/brown
                            1 = cyan/magenta/white
 Returns: (none)
    Info: In text modes, this selects a color for the overscan (border)
          area of the display.

          In CGA-style 4-color graphics video modes 04H and 05H, this
          selects one of two supported color-combination palettes.

          To set colors for EGA and VGA graphics modes, use INT 10H 10H.

See Also: INT 10H 1000H (EGA: set one color)
          INT 10H 1001H (EGA: set border color)
          INT 10H 1002H (EGA: set entire palette and border)