INT 10H 1bH: Get VGA Functionality and State Info

                                                          Compatibility: VGA 
 Expects: AX    1bH
          BX    0000H (implementation type; must be 0)
          ES:DI address of 64-byte buffer to receive a VgaDynamicStateRec
 Returns: ES:DI buffer filled with data
          AL    1bH (if this fn and implementation type is supported)
    Info: This returns a wheelbarrow full of info about the overall
          capabilities of a VGA system and about the current settings such
          as video mode, cursor size, ATC and CRTC register settings, etc.

          See VGA Dynamic State Table and VGA Static Functionality Table
          for the layout of the returned information.

   Notes: ■ You will find it much easier to use this fn than to examine the
            various bits and pieces in the BIOS Data Area or by direct port

          ■ A common program initialization sequence requests this
            function, and if not available (i.e, not a VGA), collects info
            from other INT 10H calls and from the EGA/VGA Data Areas to
            fill in the missing info.

See Also: INT 10H: Video Services
          EGA/VGA Data Areas