INT 13H 08H: Get Drive Parameters

                                                                   [XT] [AT]
 Expects: AH    08H
          DL    drive: 0-3=diskette; 80H-81H=hard disk
 Returns: AH    BIOS disk error code if CF is set to CY
          CX    maximum value for cylinder and sector (see below)
          DL    number of hard disks on first controller
          DH    maximum value for head
          ES:DI address of Hard Disk Parameter Table
    Info: Returns information about a drive.  These values are initially
          set from a table in ROM, determined by the disk-type code stored
          in CMOS Memory.

       CX Bits 6-7 of CL are the high two bits of the 10-bit value whose
          low 8 bits are in CH.  See INT 13H 02H for details.

See Also: DOS Fn 440dH 60H (IOCTL get block device parameters)
          INT 13H: BIOS Disk I/O
          BIOS Data Area
          ROM-BIOS Functions