INT 13H 17H: Set Media Transfer Rate

 Expects: AH    17H
          AL    transfer rate: 00H = (reserved; don't use)
                               01H = 360K diskette in 360K drive
                               02H = 360K diskette in 1.2 MB drive
                               03H = 1.2 MB diskette in 1.2 MB drive
                               04H = 720K diskette in 720K drive
          DL    diskette drive number: 00H thru 03H
 Returns: AH    BIOS disk error code if CF is set to CY
    Info: This should be called before a format operation (INT 13H 05H) to
          set the controller for the correct drive speed and track-stepping

   Notes: ■ This does NOT support 1.44 MB or 2.88 MB drives.  Use
            INT 13H 18H, since it is more flexible.

See Also: INT 13H: BIOS Disk I/O
          BIOS Data Area
          ROM-BIOS Functions