Compatibility: 1.0+ 
 Purpose: Sets how often DOS checks for Ctrl+Break (Ctrl+C).

          A similar command can be executed in batch files or at the DOS
          command prompt (the Break command).

  Syntax: BREAK=ON
      or: BREAK=OFF


      OFF (default setting) DOS checks for Ctrl+Break only during console
          or printer I/O (while getting keyboard input, displaying text on
          the screen, or outputting to the printer).

       ON DOS checks for Ctrl+Break more often, including during disk I/O.

          The default setting is BREAK=OFF.

█▌TECH Notes▐█

  ■ This is equivalent to calling DOS fn 3301H.

  ■ Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Break are handled by INT 23H.

See Also: CONFIG.SYS Commands