Compatibility: 2.0+ 
 Purpose: Adds DOS support for a physical (hardware) device.  Use to
          install a device driver in conventional memory.

          Use DEVICEHIGH= to install drivers into upper memory.

  Syntax: DEVICE=[d:][path]filename.ext [drvrParms]


d:\path\filename.ext is the drive, path, filename and extension of the file
          that contains the program code of the device.  If you omit the
          drive and/or path, the file must be in the root of the boot disk.
          The file usually has an extension of .SYS, .BIN, or .EXE and the
          extension must be specified.

drvrParms are switches and options needed by the device driver.  They vary
          from driver to driver.

█▌TECH Notes▐█

  ■ See Device Driver Basics for background info on device drivers.

See Also: CONFIG.SYS Commands
          Device Drivers