Compatibility: 4.0+ 
 Purpose: Loads and executes a TSR (before starting AUTOEXEC.BAT).

    Uses: ■ Avoid some memory loss due to DOS environment duplication.

          ■ Hide installation of system-level programs such as Share and
            Nlsfunc in the "permanent" CONFIG.SYS file, rather than loading
            them in the often-edited AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

          ■ Give your favorite TSR a chance at intercepting interrupt
            vectors before COMMAND.COM is loaded.

  Syntax: INSTALL=[d:][path]filename.ext [progParms]


d:\path\filename.ext is the drive, path, filename and extension of the
          program to be installed.  Only certain DOS external commands and
          third-party TSR programs can be installed this way.

progParms specifies command-line parameters (filenames, switches, etc.) for
          the program being installed.

█▌TECH Notes▐█

  ■ On DOS versions prior to DOS 6.0, a TSR loaded via INSTALL= does not
    have access to a valid DOS Environment block.  DOS 6.0+ does provide a
    copy of the DOS environment and does follow the standards described in
    Program Startup & Exit.

    HOWEVER, the environment block does NOT remain in memory after
    installation.  TSRs should access it only when starting up.

  ■ Your TSR may wish to allocate upper memory when it is available (see
    Accessing Upper Memory for info).  However, you should always provide a
    command-line switch to force it to use only conventional memory (or
    you'll irritate folks who are saving their UMBs for special purposes.

          CONFIG.SYS Commands