Compatibility: 2.0+ 
 Purpose: This causes DOS to enable or disable a low-level disk function
          which checks each disk sector after it is written.

          The Verify command does the same thing

  Syntax: VERIFY=ON
      or: VERIFY=OFF


       ON turns on write-verification (maximum safety).

      OFF turns it off (better speed).

          The default setting is VERIFY=OFF.

█▌TECH Notes▐█

  ■ You can do this in your program via DOS fn 2eH (set/reset verify).

  ■ Verify ON does NOT compare written data to data in memory.  It performs
    an INT 13H 04H (verify sectors) on data after it is written.  That fn
    compares the ECC recorded in the sector with the ECC calculated by the

  ■ Internally, DOS toggles VERIFY ON when it writes FAT and directory
    information.  Leaving VERIFY ON all the time will degrade disk
    performance, especially on floppy diskettes.

See Also: CONFIG.SYS Commands