Predefined Environment Variables

 These environment variables are created by parts of DOS or can be set to
 custom values to modify how DOS acts:

 APPEND    Data search path visible in the environment after Append /E.

 COMSPEC   The name and location of the command processor.

 CONFIG    The item chosen from a MultiConfig Menu in CONFIG.SYS.
           Typical usage is to test this value in AUTOEXEC.BAT.  For
              IF (%CONFIG%)==(DAN) Echo Hi Dan!
              Goto %CONFIG%

 COPYCMD   Option settings for the Copy command (DOS 6.2+).

 DIRCMD    Option settings for the Dir command.

 DOSSHELL  The directory for DOSSHELL.INI.

 MSDOSDATA The directory for some configuration and setup files used by
           DOS 6.0+ Msbackup, MSAV, Undelete.

 PATH      The command search path.

 PROMPT    The command prompt as set via the Prompt command.

 TEMP      The location for I/O Redirection piping files.  Also used for
           temporary files by Dosshell, Windows and other programs.
           Setting this to a large RAM disk can speed up Windows printing

           Note: A few older programs look for TMP rather than TEMP.

 WINPMT    The command prompt for DOS sessions under Windows.  When a DOS
           session starts, Windows swaps PROMPT and WINPMT.

 windir    In a DOS session under Windows, this identifies the drive and
           directory where Windows is stored.

See Also: DOS Environment
          Data Structures