INT 15H 5308H: Enable/Disable Power Management

 Expects: AX    5308H
          BX    ffffH
          CX    request code: 0000H=disable power management
                              0001H=enable power management
 Returns: AH    APM error code (if CF=CY)
    Info: This function lets you disable or enable all power management
          power-down functionality.

          When disabled, the BIOS will not power-down devices, or enter the
          stand-by or suspend state or take power-saving steps in response
          to CPU Idle calls (INT 15H 5305H).

          You may access this service via INT 15H or by using the APM entry
          address obtained via INT 15H 5302H or INT 15H 5303H (protected
          mode connect).

See Also: APM API
          About APM