DOS Fn 1aH: Set Disk Transfer Address (DTA)

                                                         Compatibility: 1.0+ 
 Expects: AH    1aH
          DS:DX address for the DTA
 Returns: none
    Info: This sets the Disk Transfer Address for use in subsequent DOS
          function calls.

   Notes: ■ All FCB-type file accesses take place at the DTA

          ■ File-finding fns 11H, 12H, 4eH and 4fH place data into the DTA

          ■ The DTA is global, so be careful when setting it in a recursive
            or re-entrant procedure or when acting as a TSR

          ■ When a program is started, its DTA is at offset 80H in the PSP.
            Be wary of operations which will put more than 128 bytes in the
            DTA since that would transfer data over top of whatever follows
            the PSP in memory.

See Also: Fn 2Fh Get DTA
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