DOS Fn 3aH: Delete a Directory -- RMDIR

                                                         Compatibility: 2.0+ 
 Expects: AH    3aH
          DS:DX address of an ASCIIZ string of a directory name
 Returns: AX    error code if CF is set to CY
    Info: Removes an existing directory, but only if it is empty.

          DS:DX points to an ASCIIZ string in the form...
          ...which identifies the directory to remove.  It must not contain

          If CF is set on return, and error code is in AX and the directory
          was not deleted.

   Notes: ■ The directory must be empty of files and directories, must not
            be the current directory, and must be free of other constraints
            (no DOS Join or Subst in effect, etc.)
          ■ If drive and/or leading path are omitted, defaults are assumed.
          ■ The maximum length of the ASCIIZ string is 64 bytes.

See Also: Directory and File Functions
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