DOS Fn 3cH: Create a File via Handle

                                                         Compatibility: 2.0+ 
 Expects: AH    3cH
          DS:DX address of an ASCIIZ string of a filespec
          CX    file attribute  (can't be a volume label)
 Returns: AX    error code if CF is set to CY
                file handle if no error
    Info: Creates an empty file, or deletes all data from an existing file.
          The file is open for read/write operations.

    DS:DX points to an ASCIIZ string in the form...
          ...which identifies the location and name of the file to create.
          If drive and/or path are omitted, defaults are assumed.

          If CF is set on return, an error code is in AX and no action was

   Notes: ■ The file is opened with an Access Mode of read/write.

          ■ if the file already exists:
            • When opened, it is truncated to a length of 0.
            • If its file attribute is read-only, the open fails
              (its attribute may be changed via Fn 4301H).

          ■ Fn 5bH (create new file) is similar, but fails if the file
            already exists.

          ■ Fn 6cH has additional options, such as disabling critical
            errors and forcing automatic write-through to disk.

See Also: Handle-Oriented File I/O
          DOS Functions