DOS Fn 4401H: IOCTL Set Device/File Flags

                                                         Compatibility: 2.0+ 
 Expects: AX    4401H
          BX    file handle  (device only)
          DX    IOCTL device info
 Returns: AX    error code  if CF is set to CY
    Info: This can change certain aspects of how DOS handles I/O with some
          devices.  It cannot be used to affect disk file handles.

          Bits 8-15 (i.e. DH) must be 0
          Bit  7 must be set (1) to indicate a device
          Bit  5 selects "raw" or "cooked" mode for character devices
          Other bits specify special devices.  See IOCTL device info.

See Also: Fn 44H (IOCTL)
          Fn 4400H (Query Device/File Flags)
          DOS Functions