DOS Fn 5f02H: Network Query Assign-List Entry

                                                         Compatibility: 3.1+ 
 Expects: AX    5f02H
          BX    index number requested
          DS:SI addr of 16-byte buffer to receive ASCIIZ device name
          ES:DI addr of 128-byte buffer to receive ASCIIZ network name
 Returns: AX    error code if CF is set to CY
          BH    01H = device available
                00H = device temporarily unavailable
          BL    03H = it's a printer
                04H = it's a drive
          CX    user value--code stored by fn 5f03H (make net connection)
          DS:SI buffer contains device name (e.g., LPT10)
          ES:DI buffer contains network device name (e.g., \\DAN\HP0)
          DX,BP destroyed by some versions of network support
    Info: Fetches one element of the network redirection list (also called
          the "assign list").

          Use this fn to obtain the index number needed by network
          functions such as 5e02H and 5e03H.  For instance, to obtain the
          setup string for a redirected "LPT1", you would call this fn
          multiple times, starting with BX=0 and incrementing on each call.
          Upon return, check the DS:SI buffer to see if it contains "LPT1".
          You could then use the index number used in that call as input
          into fn 5e03H (query network printer setup).

   Notes: ■ Index numbers can change at any time.  When a device is deleted
            from the list (via fn 5f04H), DOS reorders the index numbers to
            remove the gap.

            Therefore, you should not save an index number for later use.
            Instead, use this function each time you need one.

          ■ Items are added to the assign list via fn 5F03H (make network

          ■ The value in CX can also be found in the CurDirRec for a drive.

See Also: Network Functions
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