DOS Fn 60H: Query TrueName

                                                 Compatibility: ◄Undoc► 2.0+ 
 Expects: AH    60H
          DS:SI ASCIIZ string of a partial filespec
          ES:DI buffer to receive ASCIIZ fully-qualified "true name"
 Returns:       (none ??)
    Info: This undocumented function converts a partial filespec into a
          fully-qualified filespec.  If the filename or ext portion
          contains an asterisk (*) wildcard, it is replaced with a series
          of question marks (?).

          This is a quick way to convert an ambiguous filespec such as
          MYFILE.TXT or D:MYFILE or even ..\DEC\ABC.DAT into a fully-
          qualified ASCIIZ filespec, suitable for use with many DOS fns.

          The main idea is that if you change default drives or
          directories, a name such as MYFILE.TXT will become invalid but a
          name such as C:\OLD\OCT94\MYFILE.TXT will be correct.

   Notes: ■ Though officially undocumented, this is so handy that it has
            been widely discussed, even by Microsoft publications such as
            MSJ.  It should be OK to use this one.

          ■ The buffer at ES:DI must be large enough to handle the largest
            possible path and filename (about 80 bytes).

          ■ This function does NOT confirm that the input value (at DS:SI)
            is valid or if such a file exists.  It simply parses the text
            and creates a name that looks good.  It saves you the need of
            obtaining the current default drive and directory and
            prepending them to the name, etc.

See Also: Directory and File Functions
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