DPMI Error Codes

 The DPMI specification (DPMI API) defines the following error/return
 codes.  When a DPMI fn fails, it returns with the carry flag set and an
 error code in AX.

 If bit 15 of AX is clear, then AX contains an error code returned by a DOS
 fn (see DOS Error Codes).

 If bit 15 of AX is set, then AX contains one of the following DPMI error

 0000H DPMI_NO_ERR               (and CY clear) Fn was successful.

 8001H DPMI_ERR_BAD_FN           Fn number is not supported by this host.

 8002H DPMI_ERR_INVALID_STATE    Some object is in the wrong state for the
                                 requested operation.

 8003H DPMI_ERR_SYS_INTEGRITY    The operation would endanger system

 8004H DPMI_ERR_DEADLOCK         Host detected a deadlock situation.

 8005H DPMI_ERR_REQ_CANCELLED    Pending serialization request was

 8010H DPMI_ERR_RSRC_UNAVAIL     Host unable to allocate internal resources
                                 to satisfy the request.

 8011H DPMI_ERR_DESCRP_UNAVAIL   Unable to allocate a descriptor.

 8012H DPMI_ERR_LINMEM_UNAVAIL   Unable to allocate linear memory

 8013H DPMI_ERR_PHYSMEM_UNAVAIL  Unable to allocate physical memory

 8014H DPMI_ERR_BACKING_UNAVAIL  Unable to allocate required backing store.

 8015H DPMI_ERR_CALLBACK_UNAVAIL Unable to allocate callback address.

 8016H DPMI_ERR_HANDLE_UNAVAIL   Unable to allocate handle.

 8017H DPMI_ERR_LOCK_CNT         Locking operation exceeds the maximum
                                 value maintained by the host.

 8018H DPMI_ERR_RSRC_OWNED_EXCL  Request for serialized access denied
                                 because the resource is owned exclusively
                                 by another client.

 8019H DPMI_ERR_RSRC_OWNED_SHRD  Request for serialized access denied
                                 because the resource is already serialized
                                 shared by another client.

 8021H DPMI_ERR_INVALID_VALUE    A numeric or flag value was invalid.

 8022H DPMI_ERR_INVALID_SELECTOR A selector was invalid.

 8023H DPMI_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE   A handle was invalid.

 8024H DPMI_ERR_INVALID_CALLBACK A callback parameter was invalid.

 8025H DPMI_ERR_INVALID_LINADDR  A linear address (either supplied as a
                                 parameter or implied by the request) was

 8026H DPMI_ERR_INVALID_REQUEST  The request is not supported by the
                                 underlying hardware.

See Also: DPMI API
          INT 2fH: Multiplex Interrupt
          DOS Functions