SwSrvc Fn 0006H: Query API Support

 Expects: AX    0006H
          BX    an API Identifier (see below)
 Returns: AX    0000H and CF is clear (NC) if successful and...
          ES:BX address of an SwApiInfoRec structure for the API in BX
    Info: This locates the program (global or in the current session) which
          provides the best level of support for certain application
          interface services (APIs).

          It provides a means for such programs a NetWare and LAN Manager
          to negotiate to find which of them provides the best support for
          a particular API.

          Standard programs have no reason to use this service.

       BX is a code that specifies the API in which you are interested:
            0001H   NETBIOS
            0002H   802.2
            0003H   TCP/IP
            0004H   Lan Manager named pipes
            0005H   NetWare APX

          Programs which hook into the notification chain (SwSrvcFn 0004H)
          indicate their API support via a list of SwApiInfoRec structures
          which are pointed to by the pfarAPIs field of SwCallbackInfoRec
          used in that call.

See Also: Switcher Services and Notifications
          INT 2fH 4bxxH (switcher functions)