Some Published VxD IDs

 VxDs are Windows Virtual Device Drivers.  A VxD runs at CPU privilege
 level 0 and thus has access to protected-mode CPU operations.

 The following list provides the VxD ID numbers that can be used in
 INT 2fH 1684H (get device entry address) calls.  Documentation on the API
 services provided by VxDs can be hard to find (some info can be gleaned
 from DDK source code files).  In most cases, a fn number is passed in
 AX and most VxDs support fn 0000H to mean "get installed state/query

  0000H (Undef)    Can be used if VxD does not provide an API

  0001H (VMM)      Virtual Machine Manager
  0002H (Debug)    Win386 Debug Device

  0003H (VPICD)    Virtual PIC (Programmable Interrupt Controller) Device
  0004H (VMAD)     Virtual DMA (direct memory access) Device
  0005H (VTD)      Virtual Timer Device
  0006H (V86MMGR)  Virtual-86 Mode Memory Manager Device
  0007H (PageSwap) Demand Paging Swap Device services
  0008H (Parity)   handles Parity errors
  0009H (Reboot)   handles virtual reboots
  000aH (VDD)      Virtual Display Device
  000bH (VSD)      Virtual Sound Device
  000cH (VMD)      Virtual Mouse Device
  000dH (VKD)      Virtual Keyboard Device
  000eH (VCD)      Virtual COMM Device
  000fH (VPD)      Virtual Printer Device

  0010H (BlockDev) formerly Virtual Hard Disk Device (VHD)
  0011H (VMCPD)    Virtual Math Coprocessor Device
  0012H (EBIOS)    PS/2 Extended BIOS
  0013H (BIOSXlat) BIOS protected mode translation
  0014H (VNETBIOS) Virtual NetBIOS
  0015H (DOSMGR)   Virtual MS-DOS Manager
  0016H (WINLOAD)
  0017H (SHELL)
  0018H (VMPoll)
  0019H (VPROD)
  001aH (DOSNET)
  001bH (VFD)      Virtual Floppy Device
  001cH (LoadHi)   Global EMM Import
  001dH (WINDEBUG)
  001eH (TSRLoad)  TSR instance utility
  001fH (BIOSHook) BIOS Interrupt hooker VxD

  0020H (INT13)    Virtual INT 13H (BIOS Disk I/O) Device
  0021H (PageFile) Demand Paging Swap Device services
  0022H (SCSI)
  0023H (MCA_POS)  Microchannel Architecture Programmable Option Select
  0024H (SCSIFD)   SCSI FastDisk
  0025H (VPEND)    Virtual Pen Device
  0026H (APM)      Advanced Power Management

  0200H (Novell IPX)
  0202H (Win386 Soft-ICE/W Debugger)
  0442H (VTDAPI)
  0445H (VSBD)     Virtual SoundBlaster Device
  1020H (VCV)      MS C/C++ 7. CodeView
  28c0H (VXD.386)  Generic Virtual Device

 IDs 0000H-1f00H are reserved for Microsoft VxDs (Virtual Devices). To
 have Microsoft assign you a VxD ID of your very own, send Compuserve
 email to

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