INT 2fH 4a11H BX=000bH: Query Automount Drives

                                                         Compatibility: 6.2+ 
 Expects: AX    4a11H (mux number)
          BX    000bH (DoubleSpace fn code)
 Returns: AX    DoubleSpace API Error Code (0000H=success)
          CX:DX bitmap of drives to enabled for automount (see below)
    Info: This service is new for DOS 6.2.

          This lets you learn which drives are enabled for automounting.
          In conjunction with INT 2fH 4a11H 000aH, you can use it to see if
          automounting is possible.

    CX:DX On return indicates which drive IDs are enabled for automounting.
          It is a 32-bit bitmap, with the lowest 26 bits each representing
          one drive.  Bit 0 of DX represents drive A, bit 1 is drive
          B...bit 15 is drive P.  Bit 0 of CX represents drive Q, etc.

          A bit-value of 1 indicates that the drive is enabled for
          automounting; 0 indicates that it is not.

   Notes: ■ If all automounting is disabled (Automount=0 in DBLSPACE.INI),
            then this call will always return 0000:0000.

          ■ You can determine if automounting is possible by using
            INT 2fH 4a11H 000aH (set automount drives) to try to enable a
            drive, then using this fn to see if the change was recorded.

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