CVF Region: BootSect

 The BootSect is one-sector long (512 bytes).  It is located 31 sectors
 after the end of the MDFAT; its location can be obtained from the
 wMdResSects field (offset 27H) of the MdBpbRec.

 It is identical to a standard Boot Sector, as it would exist for a
 physical drive of the (estimated) disk size except that it does NOT
 necessarily contain any executable boot code.  It exists as part of the
 DoubleSpace "simulation" of a real disk.

 One Boot Sector field bears mention:  the bFatCnt (offset 10H) contains
 02H, even though the CVF does not maintain a duplicate of the FAT.  When
 programs request a sector which would be part of the second FAT,
 DoubleSpace returns a sector from the "first" (only) FAT.

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