MRCI API Error/Return Codes

 The Microsoft Real-time Compression Interface (MRCI API) functions may
 return the following error codes:

 0000H MRCI_NO_ERR             fn was successful

 0001H MRCI_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED  Unsupported fn number in AX

 0002H MRCI_ERR_BUSY           MRCI support is busy.  This could happen,
                               for instance, if a background task such as
                               SmartDrv is using MRCI support.  Just try
                               the operation again.

 0003H MRCI_ERR_BUF_OVERFLOW   Destination buffer too small

 0004H MRCI_ERR_INCOMPRESSIBLE Source data could not be compressed (MRCI
                               returns this if it sees that compressing the
                               data will not save at least one wChunkLen
                               unit of data (see MRCRequestRec).

                               When this error is returned, the content of
                               the destination buffer is undefined.

 0005H MRCI_ERR_BAD_FORMAT     Compressed data is in unrecognized format.
                               This is returned when the source contains
                               uncompressed data with no recognizable MRCI
                               header.  It may occur on a source buffer
                               overrun; but that is not guaranteed by the

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