INT 33H 0009H: Set Graphics Pointer Shape

 Expects: AX    0009H
          BX    pointer hot spot (horizontal)
          CX    pointer hot spot (vertical)
          ES:DX address of pointer shape bit field (64 byte data area)
 Returns: none
    Info: This defines the appearance of the mouse pointer when functioning
          on a graphics-mode screen and it selects which part of that
          pointer will identify the specific pixel at which the mouse is
          pointed.  The default graphics cursor is a left-leaning, upward-
          pointing arrow with the hot spot at 0,0 (in the top left corner).

          To modify the pointer for text-mode screens, see INT 33H 000aH.

          The data at ES:BX is 64 bytes long; two sets of 32.  Each set of
          32 bytes is organized as 16x16 bits; i.e., 16 rows of 2-byte

          The first set of 32 bytes defines the "AND mask"; that is, the
          background will show through wherever there is a 1-bit in that

          The second set defines the "XOR mask"; that is, after the "AND
          mask" has cleared out some of the background, the pixels matching
          the 1-bits in this data set are toggled.

          The BX and CX values specify the "hot spot" for instance, if BX=0
          and CX=0, then a button click it taken to mean a selection of the
          pixel in the top left corner of the pointer rectangle.  If BX=15
          and CX=15, a click will select the pixel at the bottom/right
          corner of the pointer.

See Also: INT 33H: Mouse Support
          Interrupts and BIOS Services