INT 33H 0013H: Set Speed-Doubling Threshold

 Expects: AX    0013H
          DX    doubling limit, in mickeys-per-second
 Returns: none
    Info: When the mouse is moved quickly, the mouse support doubles the
          distance of the motion of the pointer.  This makes it possible to
          use slow, fine motions for detail work without sacrificing speedy
          motion to move quickly across the screen.

          By default, if the mouse moves 64 mickeys per second (about 1/3rd
          inch per second), the mouse support doubles the pointer motion.
          If you prefer more acceleration, use values smaller than 64 in
          DX.  For less acceleration, use larger values.  To effectively
          eliminate this speed-doubling, use a large values, such as 10,000
          in DX.

          You can also set this threshold via INT 33H 001aH and query its
          current value via INT 33H 001bH.

See Also: INT 33H: Mouse Support
          Interrupts and BIOS Services