INT 33H 0024H: Query Mouse Type/Driver Version/IRQ#

 Expects: AX    0024H
 Returns: BH    major version number
          BL    minor version number (i.e., left of decimal)
          CH    mouse type:  1 = bus mouse
                             2 = serial mouse
                             3 = Inport mouse
                             4 = PS/2 mouse
                             5 = HP mouse
          CL    IRQ number:
                  0 = PS/2
                  2,3,4,5, or 7 = PC IRQ number
    Info: If you need to use new functions of a recent version of the mouse
          support, use this function and inspect the return values in BH
          and BL.

          The value in CH can be used to see if calls to INT 33H 001cH are

See Also: INT 33H: Mouse Support
          Interrupts and BIOS Services