INT 10H 4f02H - Set SuperVGA Video Mode

 Expects: AX    4f02H
          BX    VESA/SVGA Video Mode number (may also be std modes 00-13H)
                (bit 15 set = don't clear video memory on mode set)
 Returns: AX    VESA status: AH=0 means successful (else failed)
                             AL=4fH means function supported
    Info: Initializes the display adaptor for a specified video mode.

          You can use this call to initialize for non-VESA mode numbers
          (e.g., VGA modes 10H-13H) just by setting the mode number in BL
          and clearing BH.

          By default, this call clears all video memory to spaces or black
          pixels.  You can request to leave the video memory buffer as is
          by setting bit 15 of BX.

          Use INT 10H 4f00H to see what mode numbers are valid for BX.

See Also: SVGA
          VESA/SVGA BIOS Services