Using TECH Help! (Continued)

 TECH Help! uses xView, Flambeaux's standard hypertext Viewer, to display
 the text and interact with you.  To use the Viewer, simply wander through
 the hypertext, reading whatever looks interesting.

 You can press F2 at any time to return to the "Main Menu" page.    ┌────────
   ┌────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┘ mouse
 ╓─┴┐  Click or drag in the ◄scrollbar► to scroll.
 ║▐▐│  The Left Button selects a ◄hyperlink►.
 ║  │  The Right Button "Goes Back" to the previous topic.
 ╚══╛  Click in the ◄menubar► or ◄button bar► to choose options, etc.
        ┌───╖───────────────────────────────────────────────────── keyboard
     ╓──│Esc║  Use ↑↓←→ and PgUp and PgDn to point and scroll.
╓────╜  ╘═╤═╝  Letter keys A-Z point to hyperlinks starting with that letter.
║Enter ◄─┘│    Press Enter to view the topic associated with a hyperlink.
╚═┌──╖─┬──┴╥─╖ Press Esc to backtrack to a previous topic.
  │A┌╨─╖Alt║ ║ Press F1 if you need more help.              ┌───╖
  ╘═╡Z ║═══╩═╝ Press Alt+letter to drop-down a menu.        │F1 ║ displays
    ╘══╝                                                    ╘═══╝ more help.
 ────────────── Go ahead and select one of these hyperlinks ─────────────────

 Installing & Configuring Help!    Help! Syntax    Popup Help!    Main Menu