INT 10H 08H: Read Character/Attribute at Cursor Location

                                                          Compatibility: All 
 Expects: AH    08H
          BH    video page number (0-based)
 Returns: (none)
          AL    character read
          BH    video attribute (text modes only)
    Info: This obtains the ASCII character code and the Video Attribute of
          the character at the current cursor location.

          When the screen is in graphics mode, BH (the character color) is
          not returned.

          To read the screen at a particular location, use INT 10H 02H (set
          cursor location) before calling here.

          This is too slow for most apps.  See Video Memory Layouts.

See Also: INT 10H 09H (write char/attr to cursor location)
          INT 10H: Video Services