INT 10H 1110H: Load and Activate User-Defined Font

                                                      Compatibility: EGA VGA 
 Expects: AX    1110H
          BH    height of each character (bytes per character definition)
          BL    font block to load (EGA: 0-3; VGA: 0-7)
          CX    number of characters to redefine
          DX    ASCII code of the first character defined at ES:BP
          ES:BP address of font-definition information
 Returns: (none)
    Info: Redefines one or more characters on EGA/VGA cards, exactly as
          described for INT 10H 1100H, except that it takes the additional
          steps needed to activate the font.

See Also: INT 10H 11H: EGA/VGA Character Generator Functions
          INT 10H: Video Services
          EGA/VGA Data Areas