INT 10H 11H: EGA/VGA Character Generator Functions

                                                      Compatibility: EGA VGA 
     See: 1100H EGA/VGA (load user-defined font)
          1101H EGA/VGA (load ROM 8x14 font)
          1102H EGA/VGA (load ROM 8x8 font)
          1103H EGA/VGA (activate font block; 512-character set)
          1104H     VGA (load ROM 8x16 font)

          1110H EGA/VGA (load and activate user-defined font)
          1111H EGA/VGA (load and activate ROM 8x14 font)
          1112H EGA/VGA (load and activate ROM 8x8 font)
          1114H     VGA (load and activate ROM 8x16 font)

          1120H     VGA (setup INT 1fH graphics font pointer)
          1121H     VGA (setup user-defined font for graphics)
          1122H     VGA (ROM 8x14 font for graphics modes)
          1123H     VGA (ROM 8x8 font for graphics modes)
          1124H     VGA (ROM 8x16 font for graphics modes)

          1130H     VGA (get video font information)

 These functions are put in place by ROM-Scan when an EGA or VGA card is
 installed and are built into the standard ROMS for PS/2 systems.  They are
 not available on CGA or MDA systems.

See Also: Video Font Definition
          INT 10H: Video Services
          EGA/VGA Data Areas