INT 10H 1130H: Get Current Character Generator Info

                                                      Compatibility: EGA VGA 
 Expects: AX    1130H
          BH    request code: 00H = get addr at INT 1fH vector
                              01H = get addr at INT 43H vector
                              02H = get addr of ROM 8x14 font
                              03H = get addr of ROM 8x8 font
                              04H = get addr of ROM 8x8 font (2nd half)
                              05H = get addr of ROM 9x14 alternate font
                       (VGA)  06H = get addr of ROM 8x16 font
                       (VGA)  07H = get addr of ROM 8x16 alternate font
 Returns: CX    height (scan-lines) / bytes per character (from 0040:0085)
          DL    screen rows (from 0040:0084)
          ES:BP address of requested font-definition table
    Info: This provides a means to locate ROM-defined character-definition

          A typical use would be to copy the table data, make some custom
          modifications, then modify the EGA/VGA Data Areas to point to you
          changed table, and then use TSR function to make the changes

          The tables are always CX*256 bytes long.

See Also: INT 10H 11H: EGA/VGA Character Generator Functions
          INT 10H: Video Services
          EGA/VGA Data Areas