Compatibility: 3.3+ 
 Purpose: Sets the date and time input and display format.  Also makes the
          currency symbol and decimal separator available to programs which
          use the low-level DOS function 38h.

  Syntax: COUNTRY=xxx[,yyy]
      or: COUNTRY=xxx[,[yyy],[d:]filename]


      xxx is the country code for desired date and time format.  This code
          is the same as that used in the international telephone system.
          The default (when there is no COUNTRY= command) is the USA (001).

      yyy specifies a code page (display/printer character set) to be used.

 filename specifies the name of the file that contains the country

█▌TECH Notes▐█

  ■ Codes used here correspond to those used in DOS fn 38H.

See Also: National Language Support
          Fn 6501H (get extended country Info)
          Fn 6601H (query global code page)
          Fn 6602H (set global code page)