National Language Support Functions

 38H   set or query country info       Country ID Codes (dates, money, etc.)
 6501H query extended country info

 6504H get uppercase table
 6505H get filename uppercase table
 6506H get collating sequence table
 6507H get double-byte character set info

 6520H upshift character
 6521H upshift text
 6522H upshift ASCIIZ string

 6601H query active code page          Code Page  overview and ID list
 6602H activate code page              Code Page Font Files .CPI file layout
                                       Video Font Definition
 DEVICE= install DISPLAY.SYS or PRINTER.SYS code page support
 INT 2fH adxxH Keyb services
 INT 2fH b000H is Graftabl installed?
────────────────────────────────────────█▌Character device IOCTL functions▐█
 440cH 4aH select a prepared code page

 440cH 4cH begin preparing a code page
 4403H     send control data to char device
 440cH 4dH done preparing a code page

 440cH 6aH query active code page
 440cH 6bH get prepared code page list

 440cH 5fH set display info
 440cH 7fH query display info
                                              Service Groups   DOS Functions