DOS Fn 00H: Terminate a Program

                                                         Compatibility: 1.0+ 
 Expects: AH    00H
          CS    segment of Program Segment Prefix of terminating process
 Returns: none
    Info: Exits to the parent process; passes control to the Terminate
          Vector in the PSP.  Identical to the INT 20H Terminate.  The CS
          segment register must be set to the PSP.

          Resets vectors for DOS interrupts 22H-24H (Terminate, Ctrl-Break,
          and Critical Error) to values saved from the parent's PSP.
          Flushes file buffers, but files should be closed if their length
          has changed.

   Notes: ■ It's easier and cleaner to use DOS fn 4cH (exit).

See Also: Process Control Functions
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