Process Control Functions

 4b00H load and execute program                26H Build PSP    ◄superseded► 
 4b01H load program
 4b03H load overlay
 4b05H set execution state (SetVer version info)

 4cH terminate                                 00H and INT 20H  ◄superseded►
 4dH get exit code of child process

 31H terminate and keep memory (TSR)           INT 27H          ◄superseded►
 51H get PSP of current process      See also: TSR/Popup Functions
 50H set current PSP                           Program Segment Prefix
 34H get InDOS and ErrorMode addresses

 INT 23H Ctrl+Break handler vector (default handler terminates program)
 INT 24H Critical Error handler vector (default handler may terminate you)
 INT 2fH aexxH Control execution of DOS commands

 Program Startup & Exit  conditions when a program starts
 DPMI Services           EXE File Header   DOS Environment   CONFIG.SYS
 TSR/Popup Functions  Memory Functions        Service Groups   DOS Functions