DOS Fn 0cH: Clear & Input

                                                         Compatibility: 1.0+ 
 Expects: AH    0cH
          AL    DOS input function number (01H, 06H, 07H, 08H, or 0aH)
 Returns: none
    Info: Clears the Standard Input type-ahead buffer then invokes the DOS
          input function specified by AL.  This forces the system to wait
          for a character to be typed.

          These values are allowed for AL:  01H  Kybd Input
                                            06H  Console I/O
                                            07H  NoEcho Unfiltered Input
                                            08H  NoEcho Input
                                            0aH  Buffered Input

   Notes: ■ This is normally used in cases when you want to ignore any
            keystrokes in the type-ahead buffer; for instance when
            prompting for an OK before formatting a disk.

See Also: Character I/O Functions
          DOS Functions