Character I/O Functions

 01H and 3fH (BX=0) keyboard input                 │ Keystroke Codes08H keyboard input (no output echo)               │ ASCII Table07H raw keyboard input (no echo, no Break check)  │ Box & Line Characters06H console input and output (no-wait input)      │ ANSI Escape Sequences0bH get input status (and process pending Break)  │ I/O Redirection0cH clear keyboard buffer and wait for input      └───────────────────────┘
 0aH and 3fH (BX=0) buffered keyboard input (input string)

 02H and 40H (BX=1 or 2) display one character
 09H and 40H (BX=1 or 2) display a string of characters

 03H and 3fH (BX=3) AUX (serial port) input
 04H and 40H (BX=3) AUX (serial port) output
 05H and 40H (BX=4) PRN (printer) output
 33H set Ctrl-Break check level      44H IOCTL (talk to device drivers)

 INT 10H  BIOS Video Services        INT 33H  Mouse support
 INT 16H  BIOS Keyboard Services     INT 2fH  MUX fns (print spooler, et al.)
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