DOS Fn 26H: Create Program Segment Prefix

                                                         Compatibility: 1.0+ 
 Expects: AH    26H
          DX    segment address (paragraph) for new PSP
          CS    segment of a PSP to use as a template for the new PSP
 Returns: none
    Info: Sets up a PSP for a child process at DX:0000.

          ■ the current PSP (100H bytes starting at CS:0) is copied to DX:0

          ■ the MemTop field is adjusted

          ■ Terminate, Ctrl-Break, and Critical Error vectors are copied
            into the PSP from the vectors for INT 22H, INT 23H and INT 24H.

          You may then load a program from disk and run it with a FAR JMP.
          See EXE Header for information on manually loading an EXE-format
          file.  See Program Startup & Exit for related information.

   Notes: ■ Avoid this call; use DOS Fn 4b00H (exec) or 4b01H (load
            overlay) instead.

          ■ If you intercept INT 21H be sure to leave the correct CS:IP on
            the stack.

See Also: PSP: Program Segment Prefix
          DOS Functions