INT 22H: Terminate Address

 The INT 22H vector (0000:0088) contains the address that will receive
 control when the executing program terminates via any of:

 Standard program exits:           INT 20H  ◄superseded►
                            DOS fn 00H      ◄superseded►
                            DOS fn 4cH      (normal termination)

 TSR (stay resident) exits:        INT 27H  ◄superseded►
                            DOS fn 31H      (normal KEEP termination)

 Do not invoke INT 22H or call its address directly.

 In addition to normal program termination, the default INT 24H (Critical
 Error) handler uses this vector when the user pressed A (to Abort) and the
 default action of the INT 23H (Ctrl-Break) handler is to terminate the
 program via this vector.

 On program startup, the address at this vector is copied into the
 pfTerminate field of the PSP.  This PSP-local copy of the address is used
 to terminate the program and is restored into the interrupt table;
 therefore, changing the INT 22H vector has no effect on your program, but
 will affect any child programs you EXEC.

 Normal termination causes DOS to free all resources, including open files
 and memory allocations.  A lot of DOS internal stuff can get messed up if
 you modify the pfTerminate field of the PSP or if you invoke INT 22H

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