DOS Fn 3700H: Query Switchar

                                                 Compatibility: 2.0+ Undoc► 
 Expects: AX    3700H
 Returns: DL    current DOS switch character (always 2fH in DOS 5.0+)
    Info: Obtains the character that DOS and applications may interpret as
          the lead character in command-line switches.

          This concept never really caught on; most programs do not bother
          to check this value.  Nowadays, all programs just assume that
          slash (/), ASCII 2fH, is the switch character.

Versions: 2.0+  This is an undocumented, though valid function.
          5.0+  The corresponding function, 3701H, is now ◄Obsolete► (so
          now there is no DOS-blessed way to set a non-standard switch

See Also: Fn 3701H (set switchar; obsolete)
          DOS Functions