DOS Fn 3701H: Set Switchar

                                        Compatibility: ◄Undoc► Obs► 2.0-4.x 
 Expects: AX    3701H
          DL    desired DOS switch character
 Returns: none
    Info: This ◄Obsolete► function previously set a global "switch
          character" and was even supported by the undocumented CONFIG.SYS
          command SWITCHAR=.

          The idea was to provide a way to use a character other than slash
          (/) as the lead-character in command-line switches (perhaps
          freeing / for use in pathnames or allowing the UNIX-like dash (-)
          as the switch character.

          The concept never really caught on; most programs do not bother
          to use Fn 3700H to check for changes.

Versions: 2.0-4.x  This is an undocumented, though valid function.
          5.0+     This function is ◄Obsolete► and no longer supported
          by DOS.  It does not return an error, but is ignored.

See Also: Fn 3700H (query switchar)
          DOS Functions