DOS Fn 440dH CL=61H: IOCTL Read Track on Logical Drive

                                                         Compatibility: 3.2+ 
 Expects: AX    440dH
          BX    drive (0=default, 1=A, 2=B, etc.)
          CL    61H
          CH    08H (device category: block device)
          DS:DX addr of an IoctlRdWrtTrackRec identifying the size and disk
                location of the block to read and the memory address to
                store the data.
 Returns: AX    error code  if CF is set to CY
          DS:DX the buffer at IoctlRdWrtTrackRec.rwBuffer is filled with the
                requested data
    Info: Read an entire trackful of data from a block device to memory.
          This could be used as part of a system to duplicate the entire
          contents of a disk.

          Carefully fill the IoctlRdWrtTrackRec with all the information
          needed before calling.  You may use Fn 440dH 60H (query device
          parameters) to obtain information about a track on the specified

See Also: Fn 44H (IOCTL)
          Fn 440dH (generic IOCTL for block devices)
          Fn 440dH 41H (write disk track)
          Fn 440dH 60H (query device parameters)
          Fn 440dH 62H (verify disk track)
          Generic IOCTL Data Packets
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