Generic IOCTL Data Packets

 The following structures are used in DOS Generic IOCTL calls and related
 device driver requests:

          440cH Data Packets       440dH Data Packets
         Character Device IOCTL   Block Device IOCTL
         ──────────────────────   ─────────────────────
          IoctlCpListRec           IoctlDeviceParmsRec
          IoctlCpPrepRec           IoctlFmtVrfyTrackRec
          IoctlCpIdRec             IoctlMediaIdRec
          IoctlDisplayModeRec      IoctlRdWrtTrackRec

See Also: fn 440cH (Generic IOCTL for character devices)
          fn 440dH (Generic IOCTL for block devices)
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          Device Drivers
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