DOS Fn 62H: Query Current PSP

                                            Compatibility: 3.0+ (doc'd: 5.0)
 Expects: AH    52H
 Returns: BX    PID (Process ID) of current process
    Info: This function obtains the segment address of the PSP (a.k.a, the
          Process ID) of the currently-executing (most-recently started)

          A TSR should save its own PSP during initialization.  Then,
          before popping up, the TSR should use this fn to get the ID of
          the interrupted program, then use fn 50H to set the PID to its
          own (saved) value.  Be sure to change the PID back before popping

   Notes: ■ On program startup, DS and ES both contain the PSP segment.

          ■ MS-DOS documents claim you can use this fn interchangeably with
            fn 51H.

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