INT 31H 0302H: Simulate Real Mode CALL for IRET

                                                    Compatibility: DPMI 0.9+ 
 Expects: AX    0302H
          BH    flags: must be 00H
          CX    number of words to copy to the real-mode stack
          ES:DI (or ES:EDI) address of a DpmiRegRec structure.
 Returns: CF    NC (clear) if successful; else AX = DPMI Error Code
          ES:DI (or ES:EDI) structure contains returned data
    Info: Simulates a FAR CALL with flags pushed onto the stack to a real-
          mode procedure.  The called procedure must return via IRET.

          This works like INT 31H 0301H (which see) except that the DPMI
          host pushes the flags register before calling the procedure.

          You might use this when chaining a real-mode interrupt handler.
          It lets you call the original vector.

See Also: DPMI API
          INT 2fH: Multiplex Interrupt
          DOS Functions